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bet356 bet 356 bet 265

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Wrong variations: bet356 bet 356 and bet 265

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Bet356 related poker article - Catching Bluffs
When deciding upon the most profitable course of action on the bet 356 river, you will occasionally have to choose between betting your bet 265 hand for value and checking to induce an opponent to bluff. This bet356 decision must be made when there are bet 356 players remaining to act behind you. Basically, if you do not believe you are likely to be called by a worse bet 265 hand, or if you have very aggressive players behind you, it is often best to adopt a strategy of checking and calling. This can even be done with very strong bet356 hands.

For example, say you have A-3-5-K, and the board comes 2-6-6-J-K. It is likely that your bet 356 kings-up are good in a pot with a small number of opponents. However, it is unlikely you will be called, except by a bet 265 hand equal to yours or possibly a jack. This is another bet356 situation in which checking to an aggressive player has some value. If you check, he might try to steal the bet 356 pot, hoping that you have missed your low draw and will now fold to a bet. Against a calling station, though, betting for value is probably best. Being aware of your bet356 opponents' playing styles is worth many bets in this and similar bet 265 situations.

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