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bet265 bet635 bet465

bet265 with bet635 and bet465

Wrong variations: bet265 bet635 and bet465

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Bet265 related poker article - fourth street
Here's a very common situation on fourth street. You have a real bet635 hand, and you think it's probably the best hand right now. You think your bet465 opponent is on a drawing hand. If he makes the bet265 hand he's drawing to, he'll beat you. What should you do? What should he do?

The first bet635 point to notice is a simple one: If you suspect that you're up against a drawing bet465 hand, you must bet on fourth street. not on fifth street. Checking on fourth street and bet265 betting on fifth street is a huge error. By checking, you've given your bet635 opponent a free card to beat you, which is one of the worst blunders you can make in bet465 poker. But almost as important is the fact that if you wait until fifth street to act, your opponent will know if he made his bet265 hand or not. If he didn't make it, he won't call your bet. So you can make money only on fourth street.

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