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Bet65 related poker article
Suppose, that you are the one with the drawing bet35 hand. On fourth street, your opponent bets at you. What pot odds do you need to call?

Let's take the simplest bey365 case: You're drawing at a club flush. with two clubs in your bet65 hand and two on the board. So far you've seen 6 cards from the bet35 deck, with four clubs and two non-clubs. The remaining 46 cards contain the last nine clubs and 37 non-clubs. So the bey365 odds against filling your flush on fifth street are 37to-9 against, or just over 4-to-1. If you're pretty sure that hitting the bet65 flush will win for you (which is usually the case), then as long as you're getting 4-to-1 odds you can call the bet35 bet on fourth street. Actually, 4-to-1 are more odds than you really need, for two reasons.

After you hit the bey365 flush, you may win another large bet on fifth street. They are the implied bet65 odds that we discussed in Part Four. They can't be estimated precisely, because you do not.

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